Betting Expert Combo

Betting Expert Combo

The extra win percentage is calculated from the net win of the Betting Expert (Net win = stake x (odds – 1)). To obtain a win, the player must have selected all the correct predictions of the Combination. In the event of cancellation of Betting Expert bets and/or Betting Expert forecasts in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of these rules, the additional percentage which applies to the total odds does not take into account the canceled bets and/or forecasts. In the case of a Combined bet comprising the minimum number of predictions required to be eligible for the “Betting Expert Boosted Combo” offer, and subject to a bet and/or prediction being canceled, no additional percentage is applied, in fact, the “Betting Expert Combo” offer is only applicable from a minimum number of predictions defined by Betting expert and eligible for the offer. In the event that the minimum number of forecasts required by Expert Betting is three, then for a combined betting of four forecasts eligible for the “Betting Expert Combo” offer including a canceled bet and/or forecast, the additional percentage is applied on the basis of the other three winning predictions. In the case of a Betting Expert combined bet including forecasts eligible for the “Betting Expert Boosted” offer and non-eligible forecasts, the additional winning percentage is calculated solely on the basis of the number of forecasts eligible for the offer.

The potential additional gain is therefore calculated as follows: (product of the odds of all the predictions eligible for the “Boosted Combo” offer making up the Combination x the stake) – the stake) + additional %. The total potential win amount of the Combination is calculated as follows: (product of all odds x stake) + potential additional win as calculated above. Example: For a bet involving a €10 Combination made up of 5 predictions eligible for the “Boosted Combination” Betting Expert offer.

Correct Football Predictions

If the additional percentage for 5 correct predictions is set at 7.5%, or if the product of the odds of the 5 predictions is 25 and if all the predictions are correct, then:

Potential additional win: 7.5% of ((25 x €10) – €10) = €18 Final potential win: (25 x €10) + €18 = €268 29 The maximum amount of boosted Betting Expert win that can be awarded per bet including a Combination of which all or part of the correct predictions are eligible for the “Boosted Combo” offer is €25,000. The “Boosted Combo” Betting Expert offer cannot be combined with stakes made in Today’s Best Bets.

Multiple correct predictions formula

The multiple correct prediction formula consists of the player betting on several Combinations made up of one to eight correct predictions. These are grouped together in the same basket, which constitutes a single correct prediction made up of three to two hundred and forty-seven today’s free bets. To obtain a win, the player must have selected all the today’s best bets of a Combination. In the event of a winning or canceled prediction(s), the winning of the associated Combination or the refund of the stake is paid independently of the today’s bets. Example 1: Playing on the “3 out of 6” multiple game Betting Expert offer consists of generating all the possible Combinations with three predictions out of six, i.e. twenty Combinations.

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