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Betting Experts

Betting Experts

Example 2: Playing on the “Patent” multiple today’s best bet formula consists of making a forecast on three bets and generating all the possible Combinations of one forecast AND two forecasts AND three forecasts, relating to three selected forecasts, i.e. seven unit Combinations , to know:

  • 3 Combinations with one today’s best bet, • 3 Combinations with two forecasts, • 1 Combination with three forecasts.

To validate and confirm a today’s best bet, the player must be registered and authenticated on the website or applications of the Betting Expert Football.

The player takes note of the betting expert football offer. Note: with regard to the Betting Expert Football sporting events on which it offers live betting and on certain media, Betting expert can offer a video service allowing live betting assistance, under access conditions which can be consulted in the conditions of use of the live video service available on Betting Expert Football website. In general, the information services and data displayed on the Betting Expert Soccer online site or Betting expert game applications such as statistics, videos, display of scores and results in progress or at the outcome of the sporting event or any other information made available to the player by Betting expert soccer on its site, are for informational purposes only and cannot engage the responsibility of Betting expert when:

– that they only constitute a simple aid for placing a bet, – do not replace the official sources of information to which the player is required to refer before placing his Betting Expert Soccer bet. He chooses: • the or the sporting events on which he wishes to bet, • a forecast to be selected for each bet, • his basic stake, • and a Betting Expert game formula.


Soccer Experts

Note: If several predictions have been chosen for a bet, the single Soccer Expert game formula is selected by default. The player’s various choices are listed in a basket, which summarizes all the elements of his betting, namely the predictions on his bets, the game formula, the basic bet and the possible winnings. The possible winnings correspond to the maximum winnings received by the player in the event that all the Soccer Expert predictions of his bet turn out to be correct and that no selected Soccer Expert prediction has been canceled. The player validates his Soccer Expert stake by clicking on the “bet” button.

A player’s stake confirmation screen invites them to check their stake before confirming it by clicking on the Football Expert button. This screen mentions the amount of the total Football Expert bet of his stake, which will be debited from the player’s availability, as defined by the “General Conditions of the Betting expert online games offer”. The player may possibly modify his Football Expert take before confirming it.

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